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The Sister Fund Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The Sister Fund is a private foundation that supports and gives voice to women working for justice from a religious framework. We call these women the Healers of Our Time, because we believe that the healing work of progressive religious women plays a crucial role in the development of a society in which all people can be socially, economically, politically and spiritually empowered.

Purpose Statement:

The Sister Fund's belief that women can transform faith, and faith can transform feminism, is the inspiration for our funding and programmatic work. We are committed to bold woman-centered philanthropy and the empowerment of progressive religious women, because we believe these forces heal. And healing is the life work of this foundation. The Sister Fund provides grants, technical support, communication tools and multifaith dialogue and networking opportunities in the form of public programs and events. Using these tools, we support organizations led by religious women seeking justice for women and girls and secular organizations that partner with women of faith.

Some of the social justice activities we support are:

  1. Naming and validating both historical and contemporary examples of faith-fueled feminism.

  2. Building bridges between faith-based and secular woman activists

  3. Bolstering women's leadership in all sectors of society, especially faith-based institutions

  4. Fostering the emergence of young women's voices in leadership spheres

  5. Decreasing domestic violence

  6. Supporting the rights of incarcerated women

  7. Empowering women economically

A portion of The Sister Fund's resources are dedicated to broader ideas and initiatives that help create a just and sustainable world. These efforts are led by The Sister Fund’s donor family.

The Sister Fund
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